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Inspiration is Everywhere

“For me, creating a photograph is a journey where I find and select the right visual elements. My ambition is to discover the unique elements which create something special and meaningful when they are combined. Everywhere I go, I find myself captivated by the colors, lighting, and shapes. I am easily immersed into another world. Everything around me disappears, and the only things I focus on are the elements which surround and inspire me and make my photographs come alive. I never have a specific plan in mind with my shots, but I let the elements guide me as I lose myself in the adventure which morphs into a complete work of art."




Josefine Amalie commenced her degree in photography in 2013. Her education has since taken her to Viborg, Aarhus, Copenhagen and Paris to study the techniques of photography, aesthetics and storytelling. In 2016, one of her photos were published in the book ‘Share’ about up-and-coming artists in Scandinavia. Furthermore – in 2017 - she participated in her first exhibition at The National History Museum at Frederiksborg Castle. In 2018 she finally decided to share her artwork with everyone interested and thus opened her own webshop.




Published Work

Share Scandinavia Edition - Published by New Heroes And Pioneers - A co-edition with Unique // 2016

Portrait Now! - Published by The Carlsberg Foundation's Portrait Award // 2017



The Museum of National History , Denmark // 2017

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