Josefine Amalie, 24

The beauty of colour, light and shapes has always caught my attention in the same way as creating stories has. The first time I held a camera in my hands and began taking photos, I experienced an incredible feeling. A feeling of satisfaction and meaning that filled me with joy. Through my photos I could combine my passion for the beauty of colour, lights and shapes along with my passion for creating stories. 

To fulfil my photography dream - I began studying photography in 2013. Since then my education has taken me to Viborg, Aarhus, Copenhagen and Paris to study photographic technique, esthetic and storytelling.

In 2016 some of my photos were published in a book about upcoming artists and in 2017 I participated in my first exhibition.


Art is everywhere

Creating a photo is for me a relentless journey; a journey towards finding and choosing between the right visual elements which create something special and meaningful when joined together in the right context.

Everywhere I go, I get inspired by colours, lights and shapes. I have a tendency – which some people would argue is a bad habit – to get distracted often during a conversation when I see the light reflecting in a certain way and creating colours, which for me is one of nature’s gifts of beauty. I can easily go into another world where all around me disappears and the only things I am focused on are the visual elements around me. 

When I am creating my photos I forget all about time and place. I get inspired through the process and let the photo develop along the way


...And for everyone

I create my photos out of my imagination, with my point of view and out of my experience in life - I want you to do the same when you look at my photos. There is no right or wrong way to view the photos. I want people to use the photos according to their imagination and as they prefer and, by doing so, make the pictures tell their own story.



Share Scandinavia Edition   -   Published by New Heroes And Pioneers - A co-edition with Junique  

The Museum of National History, Denmark // 2017


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